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Fábio Machado is from São Paulo and started playing drums at the age of 11 due to the influence of his family (his mother is a singer and his father is a bass player). Initially he played in the church choir ruled by his mother and practiced drums in a self-taught way, but at 13 he began to study with Alessandro Primata, a renowned drummer from Vale do Paraíba. At age 14 he began to play professionally with the Pop and Rock band "Panela". From 15 to 19 he played with Country Music bands. One of them was "Banda Rodeio" with which he recorded two albums. From the age of 20, he joined Gui Lessa's band "Guilessa", which had a repertoire of MPB. At the same time, he began his activities as a drum teacher at Kaito School, developing a method to attend students from the age of three. Without ceasing to perform in the musical scene of Vale do Paraíba region, Fábio played with artists such as Abner Santos, Twyla, Hellen Caroline and others. He currently teaches private lessons, plays in the bands of singers João Oliveira, Pedro Freire and Rafinha Acústico and performs as a freelancer live or in the studio.

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